It is said that once you experience a tattoo, it becomes an addiction, a drug. An old wives’ tale, a myth or truth ??? Well, I can answer and testify to this, exactly 2 years ago at the Milan Tattoo Convention in February 2007, I did my 1st tattoo with Carla, who would become my favorite tattoo artist, her studio is in Malaga, Spain. ‘Nobody’s Fool’ which became my motto, is now forever embellished on my chest, then in wonderful Amsterdam the summer after, under the influence of magic mushrooms among other things came my second tatt, a combo of good luck symbols which led up to my 3rd tattoo, a old seafaring ship like myself, traveling, searching for something, an adventure by another great artist Steve Tiberi at Olde City Tattoo in Philadelphia. My 4th and largest tattoo was once again created by Carla at the Milan Convention in 2008, a brilliant Capricorn, half goat and half sea creature, all me. Since then, i returned to Philly twice and Steve did 3 more smaller tattoos, a heart & skull, four leaf clover with wishbone and Italian Lucky horn. This weekend there is once again here the Tattoo Convention but Carla is unable to attend, so I will pass and wait. One should not get a tattoo without thinking it through thoroughly, it will be with you the rest of your life, neither should one do it because it is a trend, the tattoo must be chosen wisely. I personally am a fan of the old school tattoos but it is a personal preference, an individual’s choice. In the meantime, I will plan for my next tattoo anxiously as a proud expectant parent. I confess, I am an addict, my skin is an artist’s canvas, the buzzing of the artist’s machine music to my ears, the pain of the needle a shot of adrenaline and a camaraderie with other lovers of this body art. My skin is my canvas, my adornment, my jewels, my treasures.